Uber For Babysitters

For a flourishing business idea, you might want to open a childcare center, for all those working parents, who do not have time for their little ones. And for that, you might have to rely on the babysitter app. With the help of this application, you get the chance to look for parents in need of your babysitters, staying nearby your locality, from Uber Clone App. This is the perfect uber for babysitters from our side, and we are glad to help. So, whenever you want to get connected with parents, looking for uber for nannies, you can ask us for some immediate help.


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Uber For Babysitters App

Rich Interface

Our rich & responsive interface will give you the best user experience.

Easy Cloud installation

Courier Services Cloud installation is made easy with Quick & instant set up.

100% Customizable

Both App and Backend panel are completely customizable & easy to use.

Track the Courier

Both admin and user can track the courier easily using the tracking code.

Uber For Nannies – Creating The Perfect Script

As you can very well understand from the name, we have designed this particular app for helping others find your best babysitters near their places. We have been working on multiple clone apps development, and working on uber for babysitters is the new venture from our side.

And since our inception, this app has proven to be of great help to multiple childcare centers. Therefore, if you are looking for some quality help, you can be assured to get that from our side. And the best part is that the app is always going to offer you with competent services, just like you have asked for. In case, you want to know more about the services associated with uber for babysitters, then you have come to the right platform. We are always going to offer you with immediate help with the right choice of business ventures.

Your babysitters over here are completely trained in taking proper care of babies, on your behalf, for the parents. So, with the help of your experts, parents can enjoy their time. And that will help in flourishing your business perspectives, as well. You can rely on our experts for creating such apps.


There are certain times, when you are left with no other option but to register your name for the uber for nannies. And with the help of our clone script, your clients can always get help from your trained ones. They have worked under multiple circumstances, and helped people with the best baby care settings. So, you can establish that connection between babysitters and parents through our apps. Let them call the babysitters near hand, and you can earn a compensation for establishing this proper connection. You can always connect parents with the babysitters, who are license holders that make them safe to handle baby.

You are going to come across some of the most trusted babysitters from your community, right now. And it is going to be an interesting set of services for you. And the best part is that you are always going to receive the best services, over here.

Nanny Uber – Checking On The Features

If you browse through the internet, you will come across so many apps, claiming to offer you with the best service. But you cannot just rely on all of them. It is during such instances, when you have to think about the best expert for your quick help. And you are always going to receive the best help through our scripts. We know what people are looking for, and we are always there to offer you with the best help over here. So, once you have come across our name, you can be rest assured to receive help from the best nanny uber over here. Be the first one to get hold of our team, and you will never be let disappointed for our services. We are practically here to help you.

There are some other services, as procured through the app. You might want to know more about the parents, who are planning to take care of your center. And through this app, you can get to know more about them. There will be a section for the parents, to fill up their details. They can even mention the kind of person they are looking for their kids and the amount they are willing to pay for their services. They can even mention the time and date, when they are looking for babysitting services. And that will be of great help for you to help them find the right babysitters. Get hold of the finest help, around here, now.

  • Auto Completion of Address.
  • Alarm Button
  • Instant & Convenient Booking
  • SMS verification
  • Mobile Dispatching
  • In-App Navigation
  • Advanced Backend System
Fully Featured Analytics

You can easily calculate the ROI using our inbuilt analytics feature. Using this tool you can plan & increase visitors conversion rate.

Multi Location Access

Multi location access is nothing but giving access to multiple admin’s where multiple dispatches can be created from admin panel.

Complete fare history

If you want to take a look at your history of rides and the payment history, you can access it anytime from fare history.

Caller ID

Using the caller id the, passanger details can be found very easily and it makes the work simple for the dicpatchers .

Capture signature

Our driver app comes with signature capture function, where all the invoices will have the drivers signature in it when mailes out.

Pay by card and Account

You can pay the money using credit card, or you can also go cachless by using wallet money to pay the travel charges.

Babysitter Driver Features

Driver App comes on both Android & IOS App with Advanced Dashboard

Once the rider sends a request it will be sent to multiple drivers available near their location and once the driver accepts the riders request he can easily communicate with the rider and the communication via app can easily be managed by the admin office.

  • Search near by babysitter.
  • Setup profile.
  • Complaint Management.
  • Separate Login for Babysitter.
  • Find premium Customers.
  • Go Online/Go Offline.
  • Export Reports.
  • Booking Cancellation.
  • Email Alerts.
  • SMS Alerts.
  • Scan Credit card.
  • IM Chat.
  • Accept/Reject Request.

Babysitters Key Features

  • Track babysitter

    Babyous is built using Google Maps API and it comes with mobile based app tracking mechanism. The location of the babysitter can be tracked using GPS

  • Track Ratings

    Individual Babysitter ratings can be tracked by admin from admin dashboard easily. Also babysitters can track their overall rating from their babysitter app.

  • Babysitter Feedback

    Apart from adding babysitter ratings, you can also give feedback, where parents can give his/her feedback as text which can be viewed by admin.

  • Social Sharing Feature

    Babyous comes with social sharing features where parents can share their ride instantly on social media accounts like facebook, twitter, google plus etc,.

  • Track Transactions

    Babysitters can track and analyse all the transactions, credit history, payment information and booking history of their rides from their babysitter app.

  • Custom Payment Gateway

    Some countries restrict some payment gateways, so we have developed babyous in such a way that any payment gateways can be integrated into it.

  • Social Login

    If you want to use the app you dont need to login by typing the username, password etc,. rather you can signin easily using your social media accounts

  • Schedule booking

    Any parents can schedule his/her booking using the option ride later, where the booking will automatically be initiated at the scheduled time.



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Normal turnaround time to complete the free installation of files into client server will take from 12 hours to 24 hours which depends upon the hosting companies.
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Our technical team will do a free installation on your recommended linux server or hosting at free of cost and this does not cover any support or set or installation in your local machine or local host.